Lub to dub .

Over the years of Lub - dub - lub - dub She starts to wonder , Does she possible to skip a beat ? Tachycardic - bradycardic - drnm - Involuntarily , disagreeingly beating Sings ( and sinks ) Devoted to He instead of him .. Well , lub - dub - just a matter … Continue reading Lub to dub .



The universe is not trying to break you , my dear , it's trying to find a way to wake you up , so that you will see what is real , and worth fighting for . It takes time to heal , but it also takes courage . fin.


Being a doctor doesn't mean you can't cry or being hopeless or useless . That's the first thought when my car broke down hopelessly somewhere near the post office today . As usual pretended to be okay like uff come on i'm okay , went out from my car , searching for bottle filled with … Continue reading Kepochi.